Nipple Weights

Made for the brave and not for the faint-hearted, our Nipple Clamp Weights promise the heaviest, the most intense sensations. Experience adrenaline rush with weight play to test your endurance and your nipple strength, and ultimately attain euphoria like no other. We are happy to bring you nipple clamps that will make you friends with pain and be rewarded with a rush of endorphins to your bloodstream.

Our collection of Nipple Clamp Weights features interesting kinds of weights that are meant to pull down the tities. While some are removable, others are not. If you like weights with a ball shape, calm your nips because we have them available for you. Balls that dangle from tits look appealing, and they would definitely inspire naughtiness. Just condition yourself that your partner can’t help tugging them because, really, they’re tempting. Some weights come in the shape of a barrel. They are solid, chunky pieces of metal and are therefore seriously heavy. As such, they’re meant for the unrelenting nipples that have been trained to carry weights. For the creative and funky, we’ve got nipple clamps with metal buckets. Moans will fill your bedroom as you start filling them in. What’s great about these buckets is that they can carry liquid or anything solid. These bucket weights are versatile, so let your imagination run wild.

We understand that not everyone has reached the advanced level; you may still be considering starting to train your nips with weights and, therefore, can’t go full blast yet. When you are at this stage, we got the right nipple clamp weights for you. These are the ones with magnetic discs which allow for a gradual increase in weight. Since the discs are magnetic, all you have to do is stick them one after the other. These are excellent nipple clamp weights that let you take things slow.

In this collection, most of the options are clover clamps. And why not? They are known to have tighter grips when they are pulled down. Thanks to their special and unique spring system which makes them unforgiving to tough tities. When the pressure or strain becomes too much for you to handle, simply remove the weights. If you are playing with your Dom, make sure that you have a safe word for him to stop the torture.

Nipple play combined with weight play is erotically tormenting, and couples who enjoy this sadistic sex play can have a deeper emotional connection because of trust. While there is exquisite pleasure in pain, you don’t want to prolong the torture for more than 10 minutes as continuous restriction of blood flow into your nipples can cause serious damage. We want you to enjoy as many times, so be sure to explore pain with care as well.

All our Nipple Clamp Weights are made of premium materials which are safe on any type of skin. They’re durable and are therefore reliable to give you long-lasting kinky service. If you claim to be a certified sex enthusiast or a BDSM fanatic, then you should have a pair from our Nipple Clamp Weights collection!

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