Painful Nipple Clamp Weights
Painful Nipple Clamp Weights
Painful Nipple Clamp Weights
Painful Nipple Clamp Weights
Painful Nipple Clamp Weights
Painful Nipple Clamp Weights

Get ready to wow your partner when you try our Painful Nipple Clamp Weights! Whether you are one of those people who love to do BDSM during sex or want to add a little more challenge into your bed games, these amazing contraptions are here to delight all your senses.

The nipples are one of the most erogenous areas of the body. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman; you can be stimulated through the nipples and have a great time. The conventional tongue action can definitely work. But sometimes, it is good to venture out of your comfort zone to discover a different kind of passion that you've never had!

These clamps are made from premium quality metal that is sure to give you safe and comfortable nipple foreplay. However, these nipple toys are only intended for experienced users. That is because the tightness of these tools is not adjustable.

As you attach the clip on the breast, it is essential to remember that clamping the breast should not exceed between 10 and 15 minutes so that the blood can flow right back to the clamped areas. Do not worry if you think this is a very short time for a little hanky panky.

After releasing the clamp, the sudden rush of blood back to the nipples will create a massive increase in sensitivity! This is the best time to lick, kiss, and touch these areas as all sensations will be felt a hundred-time fold. Who knows? With these amazing clamps, you might be able to achieve the elusive, nipple orgasm!

This model has weights that you can attach to the clamp if you feel like you are ready to take your nipple clamping to a whole new level.
So don't be the last one to try nipple clamping and start with our Painful Nipple Clamp Weights now!

Color SIlver
Material Metal
Type Nipple Clamp Weight
Dimension (inches)


Clamp: 3.54 in.


Clamp: 1.5 in.

Ball:1.5 in.

Weight: 1 lb.


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Painful Nipple Clamp Weights

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