Magnetic Nipple Clamps

Everyone with tits, rejoice! Magnetic Nipple Clamps are here to offer you unique sensations so intense you’ll be craving for more.

When “normal” foreplay has become mundane or boring, it’s high time to make a little deviation and divert your attention to your nipples. Each nipple is packed with nerve endings, making it one of the erogenous zones of the body. Yet, it usually gets the least of attention during foreplay. With Magnetic Nipple Clamps, your tits will never be set aside but will become the most prominent stars of the show.

In this collection, you’ll find orbs with a powerful magnetic pull. They’re perfect for S&M enthusiasts as they provide intense sensations. Although they look less intimidating than clamps with screws and teeth, do not underestimate what these spheres can do. Place them on either side of your cherry, and their strong magnetic force will attract them together, clamping your nipple between them.

Pretty simple isn’t it? But wait, they can cause unbearable pain if you are a bit careless. To apply them, hold them tightly on either hand and push them on either side of your nipple; otherwise, one ball could snatch the other and smack it into your sensitive flesh with an excruciating pinch. These spherical magnets have other external applications as you can use them to pinch a penis head, balls, a clit, or a labia. Again, these are not for any tenderfoot; they are meant for advanced users who have conquered different levels of pain in sensation play.

“Magnet” is the theme of this collection, and we are happy to offer beginners and experienced users our nipple clamps with magnetic discs. These are weights that are easily added (or removed) from the clamps to heighten the level of pressure. Since the nipple clamps and their weights are entirely adjustable, beginners are welcome to train themselves with these sex toys.

Another featured product in this collection is a cupping device made for those who have inverted nipples. But don’t get the notion this is the only purpose it’s designed for. It is also used to warm up and arouse the nipples for the most sensational nipple pinching session. But wait…there’s more! This sex tool can also give your clit the best sucking stimulation!

Whether you’re a BDSM enthusiast or just someone sick and tired of the usual sex play, we’ve got the right nipple tool for you! When it comes to nipple play, you can either be rough, tough, and frisky or do it with gentleness without necessarily inducing pain. The choice is yours. But why is it that the most experienced users enjoy the pain inflicted by nipple clamps? The answer lies in the endorphins produced when the brain senses pain. The surge of endorphins released into the bloodstream causes the so-called euphoric “high”, and this is when pain turns into pure bliss and pleasure.

All the products in this collection are made of premium materials and are carefully designed with your pleasure and safety in mind. So, if you’ve been yearning for all-new kind of sensations that will take you to pleasure paradise, browse through our collection!

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