Spiked Collar

A spiked collar means different things to many people. Although they are initially meant for dogs and kittens, they found their way into human fashion because they are undeniably striking and unique.

Welcome to the carefully chosen pieces of Spiked Collars Collection! Each item here has striking features that will complement your needs.

Collars themselves give the best fashion statement. It connotes being in control of one's body and making bold assertions. Some wearer wants it tight on the neck while others prefer it loose. Don't worry; all the pieces in this selection are made with adjustable clasps to get the right snugness you and your sub wish to explore.

This selection also includes a variety of materials that you can use according to your kinky desire. We have synthetic leather pieces that cater to bold and edgy submissive and stainless steel and zinc alloy for chic and sophisticated ones.

All these sultry finds are accompanied by spikes that make them sexy and aesthetically appealing. They blend well because the leather and metallic embellishments look sleek and elegant, while the spikes and studs give off that 'naughty girl' vibe. All these materials exhibit unparalleled durability, too, giving them the ability to stand the test of time. They bring forth a perfect blend of kinkiness and subtleness a submissive can don. No matter how kinky a collar with spikes may look, they are still versatile pieces that your sub can don on any occasion and activity.

This set of collars surprisingly celebrates diverse personalities as well. It boasts a good variety of available hues. You can have your submissive wear perky and bubbly pink, yellow, and even purple piece.

Spikes are also notable when paired with shiny stones as they look pretty with an edgy and punky twist. Once worn, they complement a statement that most libidinous adventurers cannot ignore. Collared spikes decorated with dainty flowers, heart-shaped pendants, and stunning chains, you can grab a combination that tickles your fancy. Whatever the avid spiked collar lovers need, this selection can surely give!

After your sub wears one of these pieces as a day collar, you can ask her to don it again inside your sex dungeon. The sultriness of a spiky ornament on bare skin is alluring and sensual enough to look at. You will love how sexy it would look with your sub in lingerie or even as she goes fully naked!

What's fascinating about this collection is some of its kinky pieces that can turn pet playing into a ravenous encounter. It is made possible by its attachable and detachable leash variants. Others even bear hooks that can accommodate several straps that are attached to them. You can either buy a separate leash or use the ones you already have. You don't need to worry, as these ensembles feature a universal clasp that will accommodate a standard latch.

Sexy time will never be ordinary when you have a handy, spiky collar to help you have a good time. Let the punkiness of the spike give you and your partner the best collaring experience. What are you waiting for? Choose your weapon and add one, maybe two, or even of the pieces here in our Spiked Collar collection!

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