Black Leather Heartbreaker Day Collar
Black Leather Heartbreaker Day Collar
Black Leather Heartbreaker Day Collar
Black Leather Heartbreaker Day Collar

Black Leather Heartbreaker Day Collar

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No matter how open-minded people are these days, there are still a few who raise their eyebrows when they see BDSM enthusiasts being out of their lifestyle in public. In this contemporary age, some are still conventional, and these people frown upon fetishists. So how can your slave wear a collar when she also needs to blend with everyone in public? The solution is Black Leather Heartbreaker Day Collar. It's a collar that serves as an accessory when she's out and about living her normal life.

This collar is belt-type as it has a pin buckle closure. The heart-shaped metal studs effectively disguise what it's truly meant for. Punk, gothic, or casual, whatever fashion statement your slave wants to make in public, this choker is versatile. We've seen female artists rock with metal-studded leather collars, so your slave is safe from being judged when she's out there.

A fashionable piece of accessory, this collar will effectively symbolize her devotion and commitment to you. And the fact that she can wear it during the day, she's constantly reminded about you.

Wanna bathe your slave and get kinky during a shower? Leave the collar on her neck because it's waterproof. It's made of high-quality PU leather, and the metal parts and bits are resistant to corrosion. So don't worry when it gets soaked up during hot, steamy sex in the tub or shower.

Buy her a sexy harness or lingerie to go with this trendy slave collar. Don't worry; with its high-quality material, it won't break your heart. It's a lasting collar that will signify your sexual relationship, so you'll be more than happy to put it on her neck. Imagine how sexy it would be if you grab her by the collar while you wildly thrust your dick into her ass or pussy.

It'll only take a few clicks to make the purchase. And in a couple of days, it's already in your possession. Buy now!


Color Black, Silver
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: 16.54 inches (Adjustable from 11.81 to 14.96 inches)
Width/Diameter: 0.79 inches

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