Shock Collar

There is no holding back, and you are more than welcome to indulge in one of the most exciting accessories you will ever put on your sub's neck.

The Shock Collar collection is here to satisfy your kink for pet play.

Shock collars are not your ordinary restraining tools. Not only will they accessorize your sub's neck, but they will also elevate your sex play.

The caution that surrounds this collection is truly understandable. You may have your preconceived idea about how these collars work, but to cut the story short, these are perfectly safe neckbands meant for advanced users. If this is your pet's first time to try on electric shocks in bed or for pet play, you better stick to the basics and let her work her way up to these pieces. Do not fret; it takes little time to get used to it as the journey will be satisfying as it is adventurous.

Trying the electrical energy on the back of your hands is always a good idea before putting it around her neck. Assess how powerful these devices' levels of vibration are and for how long you want it. Of course, assigning a safe word is crucial to make pet play safe and hassle-free.

With that said, all the collar devices here are highly controllable. These are safe to use pieces that offer you myriad ways to discipline your puppy who keeps barking or growling. The neckbands feature flow stages where you can start with the most subtle energy then progress to the more advanced ones. Some even include a separate remote control that can be manipulated by a partner. Feral and stimulated, the wearer will have to gauge how low or high he/she wants the electrical charge to be.

Moreover, this collection features adjustable collars that can be snugly fitted around your puppy's neck as you want. The collars are made of nylon for prolonged, comfortable and wear. Nylon is durable, yet it has a smooth texture meant for extended use.

Additionally, all the collars included in this collection are adjustable, so size won't be an issue. You can even place this on your puppy's wrist or feet to tickle her or him. The versatility of these collars is truly remarkable.

You will find the primary power source at the center. Some can be charged with a USB, while others need batteries for energy.

Additionally, most of the pieces in this collection are black, but fun colors are also available for bold players. Outrageous or straightforward, you will love pairing this with other toys. Just keep in mind to remove metal or stainless steel jewelry before the deed as these are conductive of electrical waves and can ruin the whole experience.

When you are sexually compatible, they say that there will be an unseen energy flow that will boost your time together.

Well, with this collection, you can make that connection happen and take your sexual journey the way you want to! Don't be shy. Look through our selections and choose your power weapon!

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