Locking Collar

You will never be sure if it is secure until you lock it. When you are a Master or a Dom, nothing bothers you more than a collar slipping off your slave's neck. We know this. That's why Lovegasm has come up with naughty, exciting collars that are lockable to make sure that not only do you enjoy your play but also get a collar with a fascinating locking mechanism to secure your prized possession.

A collar is more than a tool; it's a necessary item in BDSM as it signifies one's submission to a dominant. It also reinforces the sexual relationship, so a collar that stays well on the neck is your best bet. Check out this Locking Collar collection and get fascinated by these locking collars.

You'll find a variety of locking mechanisms that will serve your purpose. Buckle pins are a classic closure, and they make the collar stay in place even when the play gets rough and wild. Also included in this list are infinity collars. These are ring-shaped steel collars that open in half and have a unique locking mechanism. These slave collars come with an Allen key to screw or unscrew nuts.

Feel free to check out the others, and you will find collars that come with padlocks. However usual they are, padlocks make charming pendants. If you think square-shaped padlocks are ordinary, opt for the heart-shaped ones because they look cute and playful.

The collection features different types of collars that will suit your game. There are also lockable collars that come with leashes, which you will need when training a pet for obedience. And if you need a collar to be locked around your slave's neck round the clock for seven days a week, go with day collars such as the Chain of Slavery Locking Jewelry and Locking Chainlike Metal Collar. These are beautifully crafted slave collars disguised as fashion accessories.

We also have cute locking collars for littles. And these are with heart-shaped padlocks with heart-shaped keys. Speaking of keys, make sure that you're the only one keeping them and that they always come in handy should you need to unlock them.

You can expect only high-quality collars in this collection as they are all made of A-grade materials. The steel collars are corrosion-resistant and have either gold or silver finishing. While some are chains composed of chunky links, others are steel wires and steel plates with silicone padding.

We know that not everyone is a fan of metal as it is heavy or rigid, so we've also included collars made of PU leather. They come in attractive colors and designs to satisfy your fantasies.

Locking collars have been a long-time favorite of many Masters and Doms, and Lovegasm knows why. They are great for tethering slaves when you tie a chain or leash to the collar.

Take your time going over the collection, and add to your cart whatever you find pleasing. You'll find it hard to pick only one, so we offer them at a great price to indulge you. Buy now!

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