Posture Collar

As the song goes, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me." With this line, you'll get a picture of how adventurous kinky sex plays can get.

BDSM plays require extreme, wild actions to execute. It involves spanking and bruising the limbs and other sensitive parts of the body. For expert performers, they want to incorporate blood into their plays and many more. It’s not pure fun; there’s a danger in playing this game, too! How safe can you be with the tools and pieces of equipment you have there once you play BDSM?

While it is a requirement for you and your partner to set the limits and boundaries of your play, it is also necessary that you have the proper materials and outfits before you execute it. Now, this is where this collection goes into the scene, as it offers several products that will let you enjoy your hot, steaming sexcapades while ensuring that your body is safe!

The Posture Collars Collection allows you to be comfortable in your position during sex—while in harness and suspension—and while getting beaten and spanked by your partner. This collection of sex collars is your set of friends to guarantee your safety and maintain your good posture while at play.

Choose from the collars made of bare leather, stuffed PU leather, cloths, lace, and velvets fabrics. Some feature embroidered designs, straps padded with cushions, and ornamented with beads, bling, and ribbons. They have decorations in front, too, like O- and D- rings, to which detachable chains are attached, printed statements saying "Slut", "Whore" and the like, and some have hanging chains on them.

Their locking mechanisms also vary; they come in hinges, hooks, belt buckles, and clips —all of them make sure that the collar is secure and well-placed.

What makes this collection of collars different from the others? This set of wraps does not only accessorize and beautify your slender, long and sexy neck. These collars can also restrict your neck from excessive twisting and movement that may cause chronic stiffness, or torticollis, during your highly free-spirited plays. They ensure that the neck and spine are always in line, whatever your position is when you're performing extreme actions. If you could notice, these straps cover from chin to shoulders because the ergonomics of the product were considered.

Essentially, these collars are for naughty plays. But of course, these aren't only limited to these occasions. With their elegance and style, you would also want to flaunt it as a posh outfit while strutting in the streets. Match and pair it with your plunging neckline dresses or simple black shirts, and you'll be a head-turner in the crowd! Should you wish to use it as a sign of your submission to your partner, you can use some sex equipment that will heighten the experience, too. Bring in some handcuffs, sex slings or swings, and sex machines, and you're ready for some feral and ferocious performance!

You can never go wrong in choosing from this Posture Collar Collection. Have a blast on your sex adventure while maintaining a good posture! Grab one now, or take them all!

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