Lace Collar

Whether you want to humiliate your partner, make her look like a cute and helpless little pet, or perhaps, an adorable good girl, you can never go wrong in choosing lace collars. These chic neck accessories go beyond their charming designs, as using a lace collar can help you impose your dominance and take pleasure in your lover's sweet surrender.

The use of lace dates back thousands of years ago as specimens of this material were present in tombs in Thebes and other parts of Egypt. This embellishment was on these Egyptian royalties' hair and breast nets. Similarly, during the 12th and 13th centuries, they also used lace to decorate churchmen in the high ecclesiastical hierarchy. A few centuries later, during the 18th century, men and women of the nobility, and even the young ones, wore lace for fashion.

Fast forward to today's generation, and ironically, lace can be a tool for signifying someone's submission or surrender. As opposed to its use hundreds of years back, lace collars are not only a statement for fashion but wearing one also a means to show your submission. True enough, lace collars help a person get into the role they want to portray to achieve bliss and gratification. On top of making your partner's neck more fetching, pun intended, you can also utilize lace collars to take sex and bondage to a whole new level.

This collection includes several collars for different types of plays and purposes. You can also choose from a wide range of colors. There are collars with bells that will call your attention whenever your pet is being naughty. And for extra discipline or humiliation, you can also find collars that come with a chain or a leash. This feature will allow you to drag your lover around or pull his or her neck closer to you during your playtime. But if you're a person with a sense of style and class, this selection also includes vintage-style collars and those with rhinestones to match your eloquent taste. Also, in this collection, you'll find lace collars with D-rings at the front, thus giving you the option to hang other pleasure tools aside from a leash. From this D-ring, you can hang chains with handcuffs or nipple clamps. There are versatile designs that will go along with any costume or lingerie of your choice. Most of these lace collars are highly-adjustable, so they fit most neck sizes.

As pretty as they may seem, it's straightforward that lace is a delicate fabric, so take a little caution in washing them. It is best to handwash a lace collar gently using cool water and mild soap. Do not scrub the fabric vigorously to avoid fraying and distorting the elaborate fibers. Rinse well without wringing, and instead, squeeze it gently. Since the material is thin, air-drying your lace collar should suffice.

Turn your partner into the most adorable pet or little there is by getting a lace collar from this exquisite collection. Take a closer look at this sophisticated array of lace collars, and buy now!

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