Chain of Slavery Locking Jewellery
Chain of Slavery Locking Jewellery
Chain of Slavery Locking Jewellery
Chain of Slavery Locking Jewellery

Chain of Slavery Locking Jewellery

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It's time to lock it in and tell your slave who the master is. Make your Bottom feel that there is no chain of command because, in your relationship, you're the only person in charge. Do so by making your submissive partner wear this Chain of Slavery Locking Jewellery.

You're tired of watching other people linger around your partner. So you want a bold and blunt statement that someone owns your Bottom. Oh well, nothing else screams submission other than wearing thick chains with a padlock, so go ahead and get this Chain of Slavery Locking Jewellery, put it around your partner's neck, and lock it in for good.

This token of your partner's submission is of high-quality stainless steel. This material does not only look classy and elegant but is also renowned for its durability and weight. The padlock-shaped pendant is also lockable, and there's no need to point out who should keep the key. Of course, it's you. You are the boss, after all.

Tease your partner more by wearing the key around your neck too. A little sensual game is an excellent way to add spice to your session. You know how a visual temptation will always drive a Sub wild with desire.

Moreover, you can attach different kinds of BDSM accessories to this stunner! All thanks to its sturdy design, you can connect a pair of chained nipple clamps, hand-cuffs, or ankle cuffs. There are no limits to how far you want to take it. After all, he's your slave!

There are two tones available. You can get it in silver- or gold-tone, or why not get both and make your partner wear them simultaneously? Sounds torturous yet tempting, right? So, set up your cart now!

We guarantee discreet shipping on all your purchases, so you go ahead; your secret is safe with us!


Color/Type Gold, Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A