O Ring Choker

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Collars are a staple tool for BDSM couples. For one, those who have a fetish for a collar find it very arousing when they see their partners wearing one around their neck. Giving and receiving a collar is also very significant since it symbolizes a submissive's devotion and commitment to his Master.

If you are looking for a collar that allows you to tether your slave, then check out our vast collection of O Ring Collars. You will be overwhelmed and delighted at the same time with the many great choices we have in store for you. Marvel at the designs because you'll find that particular collar suitable to serve your purpose and fulfill your fantasy.

Keep your eyes wide open as you choose from our collars with O rings and D rings. Prepare yourself to be amazed as there are stylish designs to satisfy your impeccable taste. Each collar has an O- ring (or a D-ring) placed in the center for convenience. A few of them feature multi-rings to accommodate more attachments.

For sure, you'll be needing a ring that's strong and sturdy to withstand any resistance. For this reason, every single ring is made of steel. Some of the collars already come with detachable leashes, while others are with handcuffs or nipple clamps.

Find the most suitable collar for you and your partner. If you intend to muffle your sub's screams during your sessions, get an O ring collar with a gag. A gag in your sub's mouth and a leash on his collar makes a perfect recipe for restraint and humiliation. There are also adorable collars perfect for littles. You can attach bells, ribbons, and other trinkets to the ring to delight your precious one.

Dog collars are also great when they come with rings. That way, you can attach or detach a leash anytime. Dog collars are with spikes, and a ring hanging from the center adds more character to them. These collars are great fashion items, especially for punk and gothic outfits. Included in this collection are posture collars. These are perfect for restricting head movements. A ring on a dog collar makes it more aesthetically pleasing while making it more functional for torture and restraint.

When you are serious about locking up and restraining your slave, go with infinity or metal collars. Not only do they look cool, but they're also unbelievably sturdy for any torture you have in mind. You can add weights by attaching them to their O-rings to make your slave kneel or bow on his knees. Possibilities seem infinite, and the only bounds are the agreed limits.

Take your time going over the collection because you will discover other exciting items. Black, red, purple, yellow, pink, multi-colored, or two-toned? It's all up to you. You're the boss!

You'll never regret buying any of these collars as they are made of high-quality materials. Buy more than one as they are reasonably priced. Show who's the real Master and take the lead! Buy now!

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