Collar With Nipple Clamps

What's better than a pair of nippie clips to fire you up? We'll tell you what: these baddies with our chokers are the perfect gear for you to really get down and dirty!

BDSM and bondage is a common pair because they usually go well together. Name a combination that's more perfect than being bounded and your nipples clamped at the same time. While the clamp is busy working on your titty, making you scream with delight, you might have a hard time expressing your feelings because of the choker in the way. Nothing beats a true submissive like a chained up individual.

A wide variety of choices is provided for you. You don't need to think long and hard as all of our chokers with nippie clips do the same purpose, and give the same results. But there are still a few differences between each product to give your experience a bit unique.

The nippie clips, for example, differ. There are two types of this sex toy included in this collection: adjustable and butterfly. With the adjustable type, you can modify the level of pressure it can put on your nipples, whilst the butterfly type is a dedicated mini torture device for your little raisins that shows no mercy.

The clamp is made from high-quality stainless steel, which is safe to use in the body and will never rust. This also makes the after care simpler. Stainless steel is a solid material that will please any sex aficionado because of its texture and feel. The clamp also has its tips protected with a cushion made from either rubber, silicone, or latex. This tip makes the experience comfortable despite the torture this toy is going to give you.

Because of the conductive material, you can use these to introduce yourself to another kind of sex play which is temperature play. Submerge the clamp in either icy or near boiling water for a minute or two, and the difference in temperature could be enough to turn you on and be ready for more.

Our chokers also differ in material and style. Most of them are made from metal or leather that have the same level of quality as the other materials we have. Some chokers can be fastened to your neck with a padlock or buckle. Some sets also feature bondage straps for your chest and wrists. The set of your choice depends on your level of kinkiness.

The clamps are connected to the choker with a long metal chain. This chain also has its own kinky play to it. Whilst the clips are on your tiny little mounds, you or your partner can pull the chain to increase the level of torture you already have.

And if that's still not enough for you, you can grab our set with an included ball gag. It's an all-in-one BDSM ensemble to really have a taste of being a slave to your own partner. Your roleplaying dreams will finally come true when you introduce this set to your hot and steamy nights.

Nothing should be able to stop you from getting your own set. Who knows: the thought of being tied down could cause your partner to give in.

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