DDLG Collar

Daddy dom and the little girl (DDLG) is perhaps the most played dynamic in the BDSM world. Daddy dom's role revolves around taking care, dominating, and disciplining his little girl as she acts silly and bratty.

It offers three levels of kinkiness, ranging from vanilla and kinky to hardcore role-playing. Depending on the roles being played, the little girl should be well-equipped with accessories to make things more fun and realistic.

Speaking of accessories, if you and your partner are into this type of relationship, you can't go on without a submissive collar! It marks your girl as your sole possession and shows the world how seriously you take the DDLG business.

So dive into the fun of kinky age-play as you browse through our whimsical, stylish, and edgy DDLG Collar Collection.

Whether you are doing the pigtail and hair brushing, tickling, or taking the little girl to a shopping spree scene, we got the perfect collar to accessorize your little submissive.

Ribbons, laces, rhinestones, bling, flowers, bowknots, bells, chains, and spikes, name it, the collection got it, bringing forth a combination of fashion and fetish. These embellishments add a feminine touch and thus making it ideal for all baby girls. May she be nice and sweet, sophisticated, or naughty, there is a collar here that would perfectly match her role or personality.

The sky's the limit as for the colors of all these pieces. You can get the luscious red and black for little girls who act bratty and mischievous. The pink, blue, yellow, and purple are shades for the bubbly and obedient. For the sophisticated little girls, pave the way for the classy gold and sterling silver finds.

Delicately crafted, these collars are made from the finest quality base materials. You can get your piece made of synthetic leather, spandex, polyester, or even gold-filled or silver metallic ensembles. You can lay your guards down as all these components are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for prolonged use. They don't pose risks of skin irritations, so your little girl's skin is safe and secured.

Most of these precious finds are fully adjustable, targeting excellent fit and comfortability. But don't worry, you can still fixate your eyes with the ones with non-adjustable functionalities. These pieces either possess stretchable property or are crafted with allowances so your little girl can move with ease.

The collars that made it in this collection exhibit outstanding craftsmanship and materials. They offer the versatility of wearing as part of fetish staples and everyday accessories. You can ask your baby girl to don one of these pieces during a kinky night session and pair it with handcuffs, eye cover, and nipple clamps. On the other hand, special props like pacifiers, onesies, cute PJs, and teddy bears are needed to complete the staple for age-play. By daytime, mark your little angel with the same collar and let the world know that she is yours and yours alone.

Start collecting these DDLG collars now, and have fun acting out different role plays.

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