Locking Chainlike Metal Collar
Locking Chainlike Metal Collar
Locking Chainlike Metal Collar
Locking Chainlike Metal Collar
Locking Chainlike Metal Collar

You got a beautiful and loyal submissive that you want to secure to yourself forever. Because why not? She heeds your commands, and she pleases you with no reservation. She never fails to make you feel that you are in total control of her choices and body. But apparently, a lot of men seek her attention all the time. What should you do? You can’t always be with her.

If you are looking for the perfect piece to mark your sub owned wherever she goes, this Locking Chainlike Metal Collar is your best bet to make it happen. This piece is bold enough to make a complete and utter ownership statement as it boasts its chunky and intricate chainlike metallic ensemble. Making the relationship more official and exclusive is its heart-shaped padlock. Not only does it work wonders as an adornment of this piece, but it also makes sure to lock the chain securely on your sub’s neck—that you alone have the power to open and close as you wish.

This iron-based chain makes the perfect ensemble to don during kinky playtime. It can symbolically act as an accessory worn by slaves or something you can attach a leash to for the best pet play. Whatever storyline you wish your partner to portray, this neck accessory will indeed complete the staple.

What makes this piece even more impressive is its flexibility to be worn even outside your sex dungeon. Your sub will find it easy to pair with her everyday look. It is lowkey and subtle enough not to offend the non-kinksters community, so your submissive partner is safe wherever she is.

Sturdy and reliable, you can count on this ensemble to stand the test of time. It is doesn’t get rusty quickly, so you can expect this piece to give you years of service. It is hypoallergenic too! It won’t cause your submissive skin problems even for a long duration of usage.

Mark your sub yours when you add this piece to your cart today.

Color Silver
Material Iron
Dimension Length: 15.94 inches (40.5 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A


Locking Chainlike Metal Collar

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