Slave's Glittery Day Collar Necklace
Slave's Glittery Day Collar Necklace
Slave's Glittery Day Collar Necklace
Slave's Glittery Day Collar Necklace

You are new to the master-slave dynamic, and you just want to put things into perspective. Is there room for affection in this kind of relationship? Well, you bet there is! The only question you should be asking is, how?

Whether it is a verbal affirmation, duty-bound acts, and gift-giving, it is a must to pay respect to your slave during aftercare. Doing this will help maintain the trust and full commitment of the slave. So if you are thinking of the best way to show affection to your slave without going overboard, simply mark her yours wherever she goes with our Slave's Glittery Day Collar Necklace.

Glitters and sparkles can be part of the submissive staple too! It is not always the sultry, silky, and sex dungeon-thingy that completes the ensemble. You can try to deviate from that with a multipurpose side-kink that your sub can wear as she seizes the day and act out her slave duties with you at night.

Call her baby, honey, or angel with this collar necklace letter pendants embedded with crystals. It is sleek and fashionable, turning the whole slave role more exciting. Let the world know that you own her by making sure she wears it wherever she goes. Anything she dons it with will surely enhance her gorgeous statement with its undeniable poshness.

It bears a medium-sized golden link chain that is fully adjustable. On both ends of the letter pendants, you will find iridescent butterflies, making the whole piece look ravishing. All metallic embellishments on this accessory are of zinc alloy base material. It does not pose risks of skin irritations as this material is hypoallergenic and body-safe.

Just like any piece of jewelry, this collar needs TLC too. Make sure to have it deep cleaned occasionally and store it in your jewelry box.

Whether she is your baby, honey, or angel, get your sub one of these. Add this collar necklace to your cart today.

Color Chain- Gold
Butterfly Pendants- White, Blue, Pink
Material Alloy, Crystal
Dimension Length:
Collar: 15.43 + 2.48 inches
Letter Pendants: 0.55 – 0.59 inch
Letter Pendant: 0.35 – 0.47 inch

Slave's Glittery Day Collar Necklace

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