Vintage Cosplay Party Lace Collar
Vintage Cosplay Party Lace Collar
Vintage Cosplay Party Lace Collar
Vintage Cosplay Party Lace Collar
Vintage Cosplay Party Lace Collar

BDSM as a form of consensual relationship has long been established, dating back to the 18th century. People resorted to flagellation, and they already had an idea about sadism and masochism. They even had novels that tackle this kind of stuff. Can you believe that? Well, you better now.

Recreate the classic BDSM night with a classic accessory to complete your staple—the Vintage Cosplay Party Lace Collar.

Elegance meets kinkiness with this dainty piece. Once worn, the delicateness of your look adds thrill to your Dom. It makes you the perfect subject to put control on. It is as if you are born to please and a product of sweet submission—conservative yet fetish, such an enticing combination.

Aside from being an excellent accessory to showcase full submission, this piece is also a perfect adornment for an everyday outfit, just how women in the past wore collars. It is trendy, stylish, and sophisticated.

If you are not yet ready to let everyone in your submissive lifestyle, it is okay. Wearing this collar is already enough to show that you take pride in being a submissive in a subtle way. Wear it as a regular adornment during the daytime, and please your partner by donning nothing but it during your kinky escapades at night. It sure is a pure delight.

A lot of embellishments are present in this kinky possession. First, its base material is lace, making it look feminine and delicate. It is soft and suitable to wear for long hours. Second, are the durable clasp and long link chain for adjustability purposes. These ensembles are sturdy enough to last the test of time. Lastly, it displays floral metallic decorations hanging on the lace, acting as the best props to hide your fetish side.

Taking care of this easy peasy. Make sure only to handwash it with warm water and mild soap. Hang it to dry and store it inside your cabinet when not used.

Enjoy sex the way they did in the 18th century. Add this lovely piece to your cart today.

Color Pink
Material Lace, Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length:
Collar- 11.02 + 2.76 inches (28 + 7 cm)
Pendant- 1.77 inches (4.5 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A


Vintage Cosplay Party Lace Collar

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