Glittery Submissive Day Jewelry
Glittery Submissive Day Jewelry

If you're the masochist type who wants to be humiliated in public and who enjoys following orders from your partner, then you're the perfect fit for the role of the submissive in your BDSM play.

One common thing to subs is their symbol to show the world how obedient, loyal, and trust-worthy they are—the collar.

Celebrate your submission to your partner with joy and sparks in your eyes. Illuminate the world with the reflection of the glow using the Glittery Submissive Day Jewelry—the best way to tell the entire population who and what you are in your relationship with your man!

This collar is studded with Swarovski-like, shimmering and glittering jewels on the PU leather straps. It has a buckle and punched ends to allow adjustment of the diameter once worn by the user.

It comes in blue and red variants with a detachable leash and a G-clip on its tip should the wearer uses it for naughty play. But with its grandeur and brilliance, you wouldn't want to limit its use only to your sexy adventures, would you? That's right! You can match it with your simple dresses or tank tops and be a fashion icon, too!

If you use it to style your outfit, don't forget to remove the leash. But if you use it to flaunt that you're this slutty slave bitch, then you might as well let your partner stride you with the leash on!

Let your man be proud of you, his trophy slave, walking on the streets tied up. And once you're home, continue the kinky play and receive all the punishments that you deserve from your dom! Now, who's the good girl?

The things that you wear define who you are, inside and out. Should you need to tell the world that you're a slave bitch, then be stylish still, and use the Glittery Submissive Day Jewelry. Add this to your cart now!

Color Red, Blue
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Glittery Submissive Day Jewelry

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