Mister Sun Velvet Choker Collar
Mister Sun Velvet Choker Collar
Mister Sun Velvet Choker Collar

How submissive can you be as a good girl to your daddy? Would you be the next Mathilda in Leon: The Professional—willing to be a hitwoman for your master?

If this movie rings a bell, then you should have noticed her signature choker on it. And if you aspire to become one like the protagonist in this movie, who's very much willing to follow her dominant's orders, then get the Mister Sun Velvet Choker Collar—the replica of the lead role's choker!

Stand out in the crowd when they notice you're wearing the same copy of Natalie Portman's character trademark. It's an outfit for the neck, made of black velvet fabric and accessorized with a gold or a silver sun pendant. It has hooking mechanisms -a link of small metal rings and a clip- on the straps' ends to secure it to your neck. It's not your ordinary choker as it has a deep meaning more than an ornament to the body!

While you can use it to compliment your attire and outfit-of-the-day, in the sex world, chokers connote a different definition. It's a symbol of your submission to anyone who has given it to you or asked you to wear it. If you wear one, as per your dominant's order, you'll have to devote yourself to following what your man wants. This play is not limited to sexual favors—it could also be outside the bed scene. The limits and boundaries of the roleplay depend on what you and your man's agreement. One thing's for sure—once you affirm to be the submissive one, you need to abide by your dominant's orders.

Be a genuine Mathilda Lando in a world full of bratty, phony submissives. Surrender to your partner and show him your obedience by wearing the Mister Sun Velvet Choker Collar. Get this iconic item now!


Color Collar: Black
Pendant: Gold, Silver
Strap: Velvet Fabric
Pendant: Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A


Mister Sun Velvet Choker Collar

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