Gold Masquerade Choker Collar
Gold Masquerade Choker Collar
Gold Masquerade Choker Collar
Gold Masquerade Choker Collar
Gold Masquerade Choker Collar
Gold Masquerade Choker Collar

Even Cleopatra, the renowned and admired powerful queen of Egypt, went to the point of hiding herself in a smuggled bed sack just to meet Julius Caesar.

It's what love does to a person—it brings out the most adaptable parts of humans. Imagine being a queen, yet you still need to submit to another king, even if it's against all odds! Oh, how sweet!

Before everything goes highly poetic, let's segue the product that will make you look like the former queen, from her physique to her character. Accessorize your body like how she did it using the Gold Masquerade Choker Collar. It's a collar that will symbolize your submission to your partner, no matter how you resemble a true goddess!

Feel regal with the combination of high-class synthetic leather and gold-plated metals on this collar. Its strap has a gold touch with black lining on it, punched with golden snap buttons on its ends.

It also holds a ring in front where you can attach a chain and leash if the necessity calls. It measures almost 17 inches long and is adjustable up to four buttons-tight. It has a width of more than three-quarters of an inch, so it's comfortable to use and wear and allows fitting all neck sizes.

Essentially, this collar is for sex foreplay use. But with its posh looks, one can't deny it'll be suitable as a match to your outfit too. Wear it with any top attire, and this charm will make you stand out from the crowd with your head-turning glamour!

If you insist on using it for foreplays, then a link and a leash will be perfect partners for the choker. Attach the chain to the metal ring, and play the role of a slave to your partner. Introduce other toys like whips and handcuffs, and be ready for a BDSM experience!

Love lets us submit to the one that we worship, even if it costs our ego. If you're the one who's ready to obey your partner, no matter what the cost is, then show him your willingness to serve by wearing the Gold Masquerade Choker Collar! Click "Add to Cart" now!

Color Black + Gold
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: 16.93 inches (43 cm)
Choker: 0.79 inch (2 cm)
Metal Ring: 1.58 inches (4 cm)

Gold Masquerade Choker Collar

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