Choker Necklace Silver Collar
Choker Necklace Silver Collar
Choker Necklace Silver Collar
Choker Necklace Silver Collar

You can't stop people from being curious, so it's best to be discreet and keep things to yourself. If you want to wear the symbol of your status 24/7, but you want to avoid questions from people around you, you'd better put on our Choker Necklace Silver Collar around your neck. It's a stylish day collar that'll go well with most of your outfit.

A stylish necklace during an ordinary day, this choker turns into a slave's collar when your Master is around. It will surely fit any neck as it is adjustable. Unlike other usual necklaces, this one doesn't come with a clasp for closure. Place the loop over your head and adjust it once it sits around your neck. The small and big rings at both ends will keep the chain from slipping. The larger O-ring will also accommodate a leash or any attachment you want to include.

This chain makes use of metal alloy, making it sturdier than those made of pure metal. Keep your slave status for a lifetime because this collar is resistant to corrosion. Its silver color will never fade, making it a lasting piece of accessory.

Punk, gothic, or casual, this necklace will surely turn heads. People won't ask you questions about your BDSM secrets, but they will ask you where you bought it as they also want one for themselves or their partners.

Come your session time with your Master, prepare for torture and humiliation as he tries to choke you with the chain. Feel your heartbeat and your blood rushing through your head. You feel much more alive when he is in charge.

Flaunt it without inviting suspicions. Only like-minded people know the secret behind it.

Look chic and stylish in your regular clothes, and be that sexy slave when your Master is watching you. Buy now!

Color Silver
Material Metal Alloy
Dimension Length: 27.17 inches
Width/Diameter: Adjustable


Choker Necklace Silver Collar

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