Cute Velvety Day Collars for Littles
Cute Velvety Day Collars for Littles
Cute Velvety Day Collars for Littles
Cute Velvety Day Collars for Littles

Has your Sub been a good girl lately? Spoil her with a new choker, so she'll know how much you appreciate her. Buy her this Cute Velvety Day Collars for Littles, an accessory that's as sweet and sexy as her.

This product is a perfect addition to your growing collection of collars, as your Sub can use it both for daytime or night time wearing. It does not look suspicious and does not exude even a hint of provocativeness, so no one will think right away that it doubles as an item for kink when dusk comes.

She can get away with it and conceal your dirty behind-the-scenes because this collar can easily pass off as an ordinary fashion choker in the vanilla world.

Choose from Black and Red, or might as well get both so she can have a spare and mix and match it with her outfit—be it casual or sensual. This product is very versatile; it can amaze and arouse at the same time.

It uses fine-quality velvet for the ribbon, and the lock is made of zinc alloy. The hook and eye mechanism assure that the collar will stay in place no matter what position you wish to pound your Baby Girl in.

The texture is smooth to the touch and takes care of her delicate skin. The soft velvet textile invites a rush of sexual hunger, something you may find tough to resist. A playful bow graces the strap's center as if telling you that she is the best gift you will receive.

To top it all, a tiny bell chimes with her every move, carrying the littlest of sound that alternates with her whimpers and moans.

Cop this Cute Velvety Day Collars for Littles and see your Sub transform from a meek lamb to a sexy little slut.

Color Black, Red
Material Velvet, Ribbon
Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: 11.61 inches (29.5cm)
Width/Diameter: Bell: 0.59 inch (1.5cm)


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Cute Velvety Day Collars for Littles

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