Golden Lion Choker Collar Necklaces
Golden Lion Choker Collar Necklaces
Golden Lion Choker Collar Necklaces
Golden Lion Choker Collar Necklaces

Wearing a collar in public places can sometimes be intimidating and is abjectly humiliating, especially to those who know the meaning of this accessory. Yes, it is made for that purpose. However, there must be a way to make it stylish somehow.

Feel elegant while getting humiliated by your partner with the Golden Lion Choker Collar Necklaces. It's not just an accessory—it's a symbol of your commitment to your man, more like a wedding ring to newly-wed couples.

This necklace serves many purposes. Essentially, this should be a sign of your submission to your dom. But with its grace and beauty, you can certainly wear it to complement any outfit you have there. Match it with any dress and look regal with it. Or attach a leash to it, and you'll be a slutty bitch. The choice is entirely yours on how you will use it in your everyday lifestyle. One thing's for sure—you'll be pretty in gold while it's under your possession!

It might be gold in color, but don't get fooled. It's a stainless steel metal and not a rare mineral! It comes with a luxurious-looking lion-devouring-o-ring pendant that adds sophistication to the overall look of the necklace. It measures almost 14 inches long, with a lobster clasp and an extender that act as its locking mechanism.

How do you wear your regular necklace? That's how you can wear this lovely accessory, too. Wrap it around your neck and hook the ends via the G-clip on it. Should you want to use it for your naughty adventures, golden handcuffs, chains and whips, and sex swings will best match this outfit! If you plan to clean it to maintain its shine, you can call your local jewelry man to clean it expertly for you to avoid corrosion.

Chin-up, chest out, and boast to the world that you're a servant to your master with the Golden Lion Choker Collar Necklaces. Get one gorgeous piece now!

Color Gold
Material Metal
Dimension Length:
Chain: 13.78 inches (35 cm)
Extender: 3.984 inches (10 cm)
Pendant: 1.54 inches (3.9 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A


Golden Lion Choker Collar Necklaces

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