Stainless Oral Retractor Dental Gag
Stainless Oral Retractor Dental Gag
Stainless Oral Retractor Dental Gag

Your woman likes to play it rough and intense. One night, as she rubs her watering pussy teasing you, she smirks and moans, "Daddy, daddy, I am sick. Call the doctor very quick!" You don't know what to grab to play the doctor-patient sexcapade. Oh, no!

If your partner wants some twisted role-playing involving medical apparatuses, then better be ready and get the Stainless Oral Retractor Dental Gag that will suit her needs and wants. Play the role of a doctor checking up on her widely-open mouth, and examine whether it is open enough to fit your cock!

The purpose of this gag is to dilate your woman's mouth such that she'll not be able to utter a word at all and keep it open the whole time during your game. It restricts her to complain when everything goes rough, so better talk about safe gestures before executing the wild play.

As she taunts you to gag her upon the night, let her open her kisser and put this toy to her mouth. Grapple the two antennae to fit it to her lips so she can comfortably wear the dental gag. It's safe to use as it uses stainless steel, and it's not a choking hazard, either, so don't worry about its danger to her mouth. All you need to be aware of is your robustness and vigor during the play. You might get too excited by the intense and extreme actions you can do once you see her tied and gagged up with your kinky toys. After all, everything needs to be in moderation. Hence, open communication before BDSM play is required.

Be a professional oral examiner to her in your play. Test her gag reflex as you put your dick into his mouth while it's forcedly open with the Stainless Oral Retractor Dental Gag. Spice up your sex with this toy now!


Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 3.54 inches (9 cm)
Width/Diameter: 3.15 inches (8 cm)


Stainless Oral Retractor Dental Gag

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