Pink Twirling Tower Glass Butt Plug 4.33 Inches Long

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To all anal play connoisseurs out there, we have something for you that can make your heartbeat fast in ecstasy! Introducing…our Pink Twirling Tower Glass Butt Plug 4.33 Inches Long.

Unique, elegant, and stylish, this butt plug isn’t just pleasant to the eyes but is also delightful to have in the bum. It is 4.33 inches long and its maximum diameter is at 1.18 inches. Given these dimensions, plus its rigidity, this beauty is intended for the experienced. The sturdy, flared base complements the aesthetics of the twirls.

Made of extra-strong glass, this butt plug will never break during anal exploration. Hence, there really is no need to hesitate to put this in your bunghole. Although this glass figure is rigid, it’s gifted with the smoothness that feels good as it glides or rubs against the walls of your rectum. Glass is also known to be the safest sex toy material because it’s hypoallergenic and phthalates-free. What’s more, its non-porous nature makes it easy to clean.

Look closely at the twirls to spark creativity, and you’ll realize there are so many kinky ways to enjoy this butt plug. You can get your partner erotically super-charged during foreplay by incorporating temperature play. Simply chill this butt plug, and you have a frozen delight in the bedroom!

 If “hotness” is your thing, this butt plug is ready to do the job. Just soak it in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes, then surprise your partner with sensual heat. Always check the temperature on your wrist to avoid spoiling the fun.

For easy and pleasurable insertion, slather the rim of your partner's butt with your chosen lube. Insert a finger or two for a gentle expansion. When her bum is all prepped, insert the lube-coated glass plug in a twirling motion.

Make your solo play or sexual intercourse with your partner more fulfilling by having this elegant butt plug in your collection. Buy our Pink Twirling Tower Glass Butt Plug 4.33 Inches Long now!

Color Pink
Type Glass Butt Plug

Handle:  Glass

Plug:  Glass



Handle:   N/A

Plug:  4.33 inches


Handle:   N/A  

Plug:  1.18 inches