Male Butt Plug: Does Using One Make You Gay?

These are not exactly new but their popularity has really taken off in recent years. Contrary to what many people believe, anal sex toys are not just for gay men anymore.

Indeed, both men and women of all sexual orientations now enjoy a little bum activity so it should come as no surprise that there are many different types of butt plugs to accommodate all different people.

Men are sometimes hesitant to jump on the butt plug bandwagon, especially straight men who may fear that others will think they are gay once they find out about this interest.

Do not worry, though, because most men find that they love how butt plugs feel once they finally use them so using a butt plug definitely does not make a man gay.

In fact, more and more straight men are enjoying this type of activity these days and just one time using a butt plug will show you why.


Butt plugs are made in all shapes, sizes, and designs so yes, both men and women can definitely enjoy using a butt plug. Butt plugs for men also come in various styles including:

  • A tapered butt plug, which is likely the most popular and familiar type
  • A beaded design, which is often used instead of a regular butt plug
  • A penis-shaped butt plug, which is usually used by women and gay men
  • Butt plugs that are slightly curved at the tip, which are great for stimulating a man’s P-spot
  • Inflatable butt plugs, which come with a hand-operated air pump that allows you to make the plug bigger once it gets inside of you
  • Butt plugs made of all different materials including metal, silicone, and jelly.
  • Tail butt plugs, which have faux animal tails on the end for a more decorative look
  • Vibrating butt plugs, which offer the ultimate in stimulation - there are also remote control butt plugs for hands free stimulation
  • Extra-large butt plugs for the more adventurous user

Let’s face it; everyone has an anus and stimulating that part of your body feels great regardless of your gender or sexual orientation. Indeed, many men and women claim that some of the best orgasms they’ve ever had were with butt plugs inside of them.

For men, combining anal play with either a hand or blow job is a great way to experience a mind-blowing orgasm every time, which makes a butt plug a very important part of the sexual experience for them.

Any man who is curious about how a butt plug feels should not be embarrassed or hesitant about admitting that they’d like to give this toy a try.

Since butt plugs are made in many different sizes, you can even start out with something small and work your way up to a bigger plug later on if you wish, which is actually a good idea for all newbies, both men and women.


The main reason why butt plugs feel so good for men is because their prostate glands can be rubbed and massaged with one of these toys.

The prostate gland is often compared to the G-spot in a woman; in fact, many people call it a man’s P-spot. But more about that later.

For now, think of the anus as having lots and lots of very sensitive nerve endings, which means that once it is stimulated, those nerve endings come to life and produce an extraordinary feeling every time.

For both men and women, having your anus stimulated with a anal vibrator, butt plug or a male vibrator is a feeling unlike any other and all that you need to do to make it enjoyable is obey two rules: go slowly, and use a lot of lube.

Exploring your anus and participating in anal sexual activity is also great because it allows you to get familiar with your body, which in turn allows you to get to know yourself better regarding what you like and dislike in the bedroom.

In short, butt plugs are a great way to gain more self-confidence in your ability to get more pleasure out of sex.

In addition, butt plugs feel good to men because it allows them to experience a different side of their sexuality, which is often a side that they didn’t even know existed.

Once they try using a butt plug, most men are anxious to try it again so it is little wonder why butt plugs are now such a popular sex toy for so many people.


The prostate gland is a walnut-shaped gland located about an inch or two into the anus right underneath the bladder. It doesn’t take long to find it and massaging the prostate gland feels much better than most men think.

Of course, feeling pleasure isn’t the only reason to massage the prostate because it can also be used to produce and eliminate semen without ejaculating, which has been shown to treat a variety of prostate diseases including prostatitis and benign prostate hypertrophy, or BPH.

If you’re wondering where this information comes from, suffice to say that medical studies have proven the many benefits of prostate gland massage; in fact, doctors often recommend this treatment for BPH, inflammation of the prostate, and even certain types of cancer.

Called a prostate orgasm, this release of semen by massaging the prostate is also known to be effective against a host of sexual disorders, which makes it a very valuable activity.

Studies have also proven that men who have orgasms more often -- either through masturbation or regular intercourse -- suffer with much fewer sexual and even male-centered medical problems.

This is a big reason why massaging the prostate gland is so beneficial to men and why it should be practiced regularly, especially if a man is without a partner but is still able to masturbate.

The prostate gland is a very important part of the male anatomy because the fluid that is secreted through the prostate is what protects and nourishes sperm. One of the biggest fears for men is prostate cancer but taking good care of the prostate can reduce these fears.

Regular prostate massage not only feels great but it is also healthy for you, mainly because it can protect you from a host of illnesses and afflictions. It is also a bit on the controversial side.

However, for those men who are more interested in their sexual health than what other people think, prostate orgasms are always a good thing.


If you’re interested in massaging the prostate with a butt plug, it is good to start off using your finger first, mostly because this is the easiest way to learn exactly where the prostate is located.

Once you find the prostate gland, you can explore the area with your finger and then move up to a butt plug afterwards. A small butt plug is best because it gets you used to this type of activity slowly so that there is less pain and discomfort.

After you’ve applied lots of lube to both your anus and the butt plug, you can simply rub and press on the prostate area until you feel the sensation that you’re looking for.

You can also try one of those butt plugs that is curved slightly at the tip because these make it simpler and faster to find the prostate so that you can start massaging it.

The butt plugs that do not come to a point will work best because you don’t want a pointed object poking at your prostate gland.

Indeed, finding a butt plug with a slightly smooth, rounded tip will work best when you want to massage your prostate and all of the butt plugs that are curved at the tip have this feature because they are specifically made for this purpose.

You can massage the gland as much as you like and if you release semen during this time, that’s even better

Not only is it an activity that feels good but it also provides a nourishing and cleansing effect that is quite healthy for you. And if butt plugs don't do it for you, there are plenty of other options you can try, like these dildos for men. You can go for a non-phallus shaped glass dildo for a firmer stimulation on the prostate gland.

You also don’t have to worry about massaging the gland too much because you’ll be able to tell by your comfort level how firmly you should be rubbing. Let your body tell you when it’s time to stop because you can trust yourself to do what is best in the end. Lastly, it's totally okay if you are unable to stimulate your prostate properly the first time you try it. It takes patience to be familiar with your own body to find the pleasure that you are looking for.


Using a butt plug has often enabled men, including straight men, to have orgasms but it is much more likely to happen when the anal stimulation is accompanied by a hand or blow job.

Whether you’re alone or with a partner, the more you get used to anal stimulation activity, the more comfortable you’ll feel doing it.

This, in turn, will make all of your playtime more effective and feel a lot better. It will also increase the likelihood that you can have an orgasm with a butt plug even if you’re alone.

In other words, the more you get to know your body, the more comfortable you are with it. Furthermore, the more comfortable you are with your body, the more likely you are to be able to stimulate the anus until it results in an orgasm.

It may not happen every time but the more you get used to this type of activity, the more often it will, in fact, occur.

If you’re with a partner, it may be simpler to achieve orgasm while wearing a butt plug because you’ll have someone who can give you a blow job while you are stimulating your prostate gland.

This two-person activity not only increases your level of arousal and excitement but it also increases the likelihood that you’ll be able to achieve orgasm through this type of sexual activity.

Each time you participate in a little prostate massage, you come a little bit closer to this goal, which is always a good thing.

Some men are a little embarrassed by the fact that they can orgasm through anal stimulation but this is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is a good thing because it means that you are comfortable with your sexuality and with your body.

Let’s face it; orgasms are healthy so any time that you have an orgasm, it can only do your body a lot of good, and it is never a bad thing.


First of all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. It is never a reflection of a man’s character. Second, gay people are born that way so if you use a butt plug -- even if you use one regularly -- that will not make you gay.

In fact, a person cannot “become” gay or be made gay even through participating in a certain type of sexual activity.

Therefore, if you’re a man who enjoys a little anal stimulation now and then, there is no need to worry about becoming gay regardless of what some people might think.

Of course, any type of sexual activity involving the anus is usually controversial, in part because it is often considered taboo or forbidden.

This is also likely one of the reasons why it is becoming so popular these days and why more people than you might think are participating in it.

Let’s face it, men and women who love anal stimulation and even anal sex are not likely to admit this truth about themselves to others so there is quite literally no telling how many people actually participate in it.

The bottom line is that everyone with an anus can enjoy some good butt plug fun and this includes men.

Massaging that P-spot is a second-to-none feeling and whether you do it yourself or ask your partner to do it for you, you will never regret the feeling you experience after the activity is complete.

It is fun, is healthy, and can even increase both oxygen and blood flow to this area of your body. Nothing bad can result from these things.

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