Spreader Bars

Wider is wilder, right? So get unlimited access without getting denied! If cops can restrain suspects they arrest with their shackles, so can you! You can make your captive restrained and bound the sexiest way possible with a spreader bar. Our collection of spreader bars will amaze you as you get to choose from a wide array of leg-widening tools made for your utmost pleasure.

Enjoy power play at its finest when you include a spreader bar to your collection of bondage tools. Savor complete surrender from your slave during a meaningful power exchange. Make your domination eminent to command complete submission. And what better way to do this than employing a spreader bar? Take your time browsing each product in this collection because it's worth your while. They all look different, but they serve the same purpose: to open the legs wide for your full enjoyment of access to the most intimate parts of your partner. As these parts have better exposure, you are free to indulge your slave in pleasurable sensations or torture him with clips, flogs, paddles, and anal plugs. Set your imagination free and come up with exciting dirty ideas to satisfy both of you.

If you have already invested in ankle cuffs and handcuffs with swivel snap hooks, then invest in a high-quality spreader bar with attachment points. All cuffs with snap hooks will be compatible with the plain bars. You will find a spreader bar that is adjustable or one that you can dismantle to suit your bondage preference. You can attach handcuffs and ankle cuffs or create a combo of a collar and ankle cuffs if your slave is limber.

A lot of the options feature ankle cuffs on each end of the bar. Others have four cuffs attached to them for you to be able to bind the wrists and the ankles of your slave altogether. And if that doesn't sound satisfying, get one with four cuffs and a collar. Bound, restrained, or immobilized, what can your slave do except to beg for your mercy for sweet release, right? Cuffs and collars added to the bars are made of synthetic leather but good quality. These binders are also adjustable to fit most users. If you need something more rigid and more unforgiving, take the all-stainless steel spreader bar whose ankle cuffs are also stainless steel. Tough as it is, it's perfect for experienced users.

All the bars are made of metal, most of which are stainless steel. Some are chrome-plated, while others are padded. Smooth, polished, and flawless, these leg-widening bars look sleek and shiny. Their removable screws are easy to secure. In cases when your slave struggles vigorously, these bars won't pull apart into pieces. Rest assured that they will serve your kinky purpose for a very long time.

Dominate with confidence, but follow a set of ground rules for a safe and sane bondage play. A spreader bar you purchase today means you have a whole lot of exciting days ahead!

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