Bed Restraints

BDSM is fun until you realize that not all spreader bars and stockades are collapsible and portable. And what good is a weekend getaway if you can’t carry all your tools of the trade with you? Sweet vanilla loving isn’t in your vocabulary. However, it’s not practical to bring your entire bondage set with you every time you go on a trip. It’s all or nothing, isn’t it? For you, it’s kinky, rough sex, or no sex at all. So what are you going to do?

Bondage is everywhere if you know the right places to go and the right products to get. One of the most popular and classic forms of bondage play is using Bed Restraints. These are tools that spread your Sub’s limbs and legs apart to limit their movements as you go about your naughty acts.

Come and have a look at this collection of heavy-duty Bed Restraints that you can easily toss into your luggage and bring with you in your sexcapades and adventures! From lightweight and breathable materials like nylon and plastic to sleek combinations of synthetic leather and metals, you’ll indeed find something that you want to use for your next session. The straps of these restraints are fully adjustable so that you can use them in mattresses of any size. They make use of solid metal clips or carabiner hooks and thick rings for maximum durability. The cuffs can also be adjusted to provide a better fit on her wrists and ankles. Some are even padded for increased comfort, especially for extended wearing. These items are effortless to set up and detach, so you can devote all your time and energy to satisfy your carnal hunger.

The muscles around the genitals are vital points for pleasure. So, having your Sub’s legs all spread out contracts these muscles, making intense orgasms more possible. Tying his or her hands does not only give you complete control of the game, but it also plays a significant role in giving sexual gratification. You can set up the restraints as you usually would—at the head and foot of the bed and have your partner facing down or facing up, depending on your mood. As all the straps are conformable, you can experiment on different positions without putting too much strain or pressure on your partner’s wrists and ankles.

These Bed Restraints are best when paired with a blindfold. In fact, one product, the Sadistic 4-Point Bondage Restraints, comes with a variant that offers eye covers! If you want to take things a notch higher, you can also incorporate gags in your sessions. Just be reminded that although BDSM is hardcore fuckery, your Sub’s safety should still be your priority. It would help if you established hard limits, acknowledge safe words, and do every act consensually. These Bed Restraints are tools of bliss and not objects of torment, after all.

Never let anything get in the way of your kinky lifestyle ever again. Buy an item or two from this collection because no good trip deserves to be wasted. These will look good on your Sub, so purchase yours today!

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