Fuzzy Handcuffs

What's the fuzz about bondage? Well, aside from the fact that it makes a couple's sexual relationship more invigorating and rousing, it can also increase a person's sensitivity to touch. And whether you're a beginner in bondage or it has been a part of your bedroom play for years, having a pair of these fuzzy handcuffs is a must. It fits in with any bondage play you and your partner fancy.

No matter what kind of bondage routine you have in mind, these furry and fluffy restraints will fit right in. If you love pet play, there are several pairs of handcuffs with animal prints that can match your exotic choice of bondage. There are restraints covered with faux feathers that your pet can wear with furry ears or a tail butt plug. There are many colors available so you can turn your partner into a hot prisoner, an adorable and obedient pet, or a wild animal that needs some discipline.

Don't feel intimidated if you're a beginner because you can find beginner-friendly cuffs with quick-release latches. Most of these cuffs use a buckle-type closure that not only makes them look fashionable but also allows for a hassle-free locking mechanism. You can also find handcuffs with removable chains, which means your sub can wear these during the day, and they will look like trendy bracelets. This feature also allows you to attach the cuffs to other types of restraints. If you have a leash of your choice or a spreader bar, you can use these cuffs with a removable chain to immobilize your partner with style.

But if you want something that feels more compelling, you can also find fuzzy restraints that lock in a similar way to the cuffs that a cop uses to subdue criminals. These cuffs require a key to unlock. However, using these types of handcuffs requires precaution. Before restraining your partner, make sure to keep a key in a safe place, or perhaps, somewhere you can quickly grab it in case of emergency.

If you're picky with the materials, don't worry, as this collection has a wide variety of styles and materials available. There are cuffs with leather straps for players who have a desire for leathers. Some have metal interiors with fabric cover, and some have faux and fluffy feathers - indeed, choosing just one pair will be hard. They look so voguish that you want to have them all.

But whichever way you intend to restrain your partner, bondage can only be fun if you practice it with proper care and responsibility. First of all, consent to subdue someone is important. Talking about how you and your partner want to go through with the play is also necessary. Discuss having a safe word that you can use to let the other party know when someone doesn't feel safe or comfortable. Saying the safe word should trigger a stop during the play.

Render your partner's limbs helpless, and do it with style by using a pair of these soft and smooth cuffs. Step in the bondage bandwagon, and get these fuzzy cuffs now!

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