Various Bead Sizes Stainless-Steel Anal Hook 9 Inches Long


Get hooked on sexual pleasure and get high with exhilarating sensations with our Various Bead Sizes Stainless-Steel Anal Hook 9 Inches Long.

If you’re one with a good appetite for bondage play, then this anal hook can intensify the fun. Tell your Dom to get you this metal, which is available in four different sizes of balls, ranging between 0.79 inches and 1.57 inches. Its length is 9.84 inches and designed with a J-bend. At the other end is the eye where a rope is tied.

Made of high-class stainless steel, this one is hard and rigid. This makes it perfect for a Sub who is brave and willing to subject herself to pain to know her limits. While she gets bound, she lets herself free from inhibitions. Let your bold spirit conquer the unrelenting hardness and completely surrender yourself to this adventurous anal exploration.

Getting bound while hooked may look very risky, but believe us, it’s better bound than not. The ropes around your body will restrict your movements; hence, allowing you to savor the sensations in your bum instead. If your Dom is one bondage play expert, then you’re in good hands. He will give you two options — one with pain and the other, well, of the lesser evil. Get yourself a gag because this play is going to get loud. You don’t like police officers knocking at the door while you’re in the middle of your roleplay. This kills the fun, don’t you think?

Heighten the fun by wearing the right outfit perfect for your role. The clicking sound of red high-heeled shoes adds effect to your drama. Cook up some fun roles and come up with a play peppered with erotic scenes.

Experience sophisticated sensations and savor pure pleasure with our Various Bead Sizes Stainless-Steel Anal Hook 9 Inches Long. Use your Dom’s Mastercard to make this purchase.

Color Silver
Type Anal Hook

Handle: Stainless Steel

Plug: Stainless Steel



handle: N/A

plug: 9.84 inches


handle: N/A


XS bead: 0.79 inch

S bead: 0.94 inch

M bead: 1.18 inches

L bead: 1.57 inches