Metal Anal Hook With 3 Bead Sizes


Looking for anal hook and a butt plug in one? Check out our Metal Anal Hook with 3 Bead Sizes and get ready to get hooked!

Anal hooks are popular in BDSM as it makes bondage more sadistic yet still exhilarating. For an extra flare of orgasm, an additional accessory can be connected to the end of the hook that is inserted into the submissive partner’s butt hole. With this Metal Anal Hook, a butt plug can be attached to give the receiving partner a full feeling while being tied. This is made of durable metal so rest assured that it would stay secure even during vigorous anal play.

There are three different butt plug sizes to choose from. The small butt plug has a diameter of 1.04 inches, medium size measures about 1.34 inches in diameter. And finally, the largest butt plug has a diameter of 1.57 inches. The hook itself has a length of 9.45 inches.

Before enacting your dirty BDSM fantasies, make sure that the hook and plugs were properly sterilized. It is also highly recommended to apply a liberal amount of lube onto the submissive partner’s orifice and onto the plug and hook as well. On the hole found on the other end of the hook, you can insert a rope, which you can also use to tie and connect to the submissive partner’s body. Once the role play is over, clean this accessory right away. Either use warm water with soap or give it a quick spin in the dishwasher. Wipe it dry, then put it in a container or any storage space.

Use our Metal Anal Hook with 3 Bead Sizes as a hook or a butt plug, and you can never go wrong in buying this. So add this to your cart now!

Color Silver
Type Anal Hook

Handle: Metal

Plug: Metal



handle: N/A

plug: 9.45 inches


handle: N/A


small: 1.04 inches

medium: 1.34 inches

large: 1.57 inches