Double Beaded Electro Stimulation Anal Hook 7.48 Inches Long


Experience luxurious, electrifying sensations flowing through your nerves with this Double Beaded Electro Stimulation Anal Hook 7.48 Inches Long.

Featuring two successive beads of different sizes, this anal hook offers nothing but pure pleasure and delight. The J-bend looks intimidating, striking both fear and curiosity.

So, how does it feel to get hooked with this? Intimidating as it may seem, there’s really nothing to be afraid of when playing with this bum pleaser. At the other end of the pipe is a wire which serves as the conductor of electro-shock. Hook this on a control module to titillate your prostate with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). Order the module together with this product for a more gratifying anal play.

When you’re about to get hooked with this toy, it’s best to be in your birthday suit, sans clothes, jewelry, or any metal on your body to prevent any accidents. After all, getting intimate with a partner means taking off all that covers skin for a more sensual play. You may wear costumes during your roleplay but take them all off for a grander display.

We know it’s hard to refuse the temptation but if you’re pregnant, wait until you give birth to enjoy this electrifying anal hook. It’s definitely not a toy for those with neurological disorders, epilepsy, or heart ailment. If you don’t have these conditions, you are free to indulge yourself in extra-special sensations.

Besides the sensual arousal that you get, getting the right dose of TENS is beneficial for your health. It’s known to relax tensed muscles, relieve fatigue, and improve blood circulation. With a night of hook plus electro stimulation, you’ll wake up on the right side of the bed feeling refreshed and energized!

Give in to a delightful temptation because you deserve nothing but the best of carnal pleasure. Satisfy your desire with this Double Beaded Electro Stimulation Anal Hook 7.48 Inches Long. Buy one now!

Color Silver
Type Anal Hook

Handle: Stainless Steel

Plug: Stainless steel



handle: N/A


beads: 1.57 inches

pipe: 10.63 inches


handle: N/A


first bead: 0.79 inches

second bead: 1.18 inches

pipe: 0.39 inches