Black Barbed Leather Collar With Leash
Black Barbed Leather Collar With Leash
Black Barbed Leather Collar With Leash
Black Barbed Leather Collar With Leash

Many want to be dominant, but only a few have what it takes to be one. You can't claim yourself to be the Master of a slave if you don't have a collar to show who is in charge.

If you wish to pick the right collar, you can't go wrong with the Black Barbed Leather Collar With Leash. Put this wolf collar around your slave's neck so you can take the lead with more ease and confidence.

A symbol of your dominance, control, and power, this collar is more than just a neckpiece for your slave. It's made of sturdy PU leather and handcrafted with precision. No one will dare steal your slave away from you as the collar strap features sharp metal spikes all over it. These sharp spikes make it look intimidating and relentless, the exact vibe you want to create. Along its edges are metal studs that add more style and flair to it. Although it's studded with hardware, your slave's neck is entirely safe from harm. On the back of the collar, everything is smooth.

To make sure it's secure around your slave's neck, it's lockable with a padlock. Meanwhile, the D-ring on the front accommodates a leash just in case you want to tether him or her in one place or you want to lead your slave to pleasure paradise. The leash that it comes with is made of sturdy metal, while its loop is made of PU leather for easy handling.

Your slave can wear this collar, too, when she or he is into punk or gothic style. Whether your partner is male, female, gay, or lesbian, this collar will look stunning on his or her neck. There are other options out there, but why look further when this collar with a leash gives you more bang for your buck?

Show who's the boss. Buy the Black Barbed Leather Collar With Leash now!

Color/Type Black, Silver
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: NA


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Black Barbed Leather Collar With Leash

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