Beaded Stainless Steel Anal Hook 9.07 to 9.84 Inches Long


We know why you're here. Admit it. You want to try something completely different, something you've never experienced before, something you never thought you would ever try...but here you are. Let's be clear about this first. These are not butt plugs.

Our Beaded Stainless Steel Anal Hook 9.07 to 9.84 Inches Long guarantees to get you hooked – literally! With three different styles to choose from, we don't think you're ever getting back to the usual butt plugs again. Trust us; this is only for the brave ones out there. Unless you're not brave enough...

The fantastic device is exactly what it says it is. It's an anal hook. It's made from high quality and 100% stainless steel. It's medical-grade, waterproof, and free from any harsh chemicals or elements.

Also, since this is an anal hook, safety is key to enjoying every moment you have with it. We make sure that the surface of each one we send to you is very smooth and polished regardless of the size. That way, you will always have a comfortable and worry-free experience every time you use it.

Speaking of experience, if this is your first time using anal hooks, worry no more! Just choose from the three different styles that we have, which only means the number of beads per hook. You insert it just like you would with a regular butt plug or a set of anal beads. The hook on the other end can be used to hang this Beaded Anal Hook on the door, the bathroom, your's yours so you can get creative with it!

What are you waiting for? Don't miss the chance of making your butt feel dominated and owned by the sky. Our Beaded Stainless Steel Anal Hook 9.07 to 9.84 Inches Long may look peculiar, but you'll never know until you try.

Color Silver
Type Anal Hook
Material Stainless Steel



1 Ball: 9.07 inches

2 Balls: 9.47 inches

3 Balls: 9.84 inches

plug: N/A



1 Ball: 0.47 inch

2 Balls: 0.47 inch

3 Balls - 0.47 inch


1 Ball: 1.18 inches

2 Balls: N/A

3 Balls: 1.38 inches