Pink Vibrating Electro Nipple Clamps Set

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If a simple pinch arouses you, imagine how it feels when you send electricity and vibration onto your nipples. That's what this Pink Vibrating Electro Nipple Clamps Set is made for! This innovative sex device will provide you with a perfect pinch that will melt your stress away.

Our Vibrating Electro Nipple Clamps Set has everything you need in--well, a set of nipple clamps! For one, this tool provides an erotic pinch that is not too painful. It only keeps the sensation and stimulation as it enhances your pleasure.

Secondly, the clamps provide a comfortable fit. Each clasp has a spring between the arms of the clip to ensure it fits snugly to your nipple.
Lastly, our Pink Vibrating Nipple Clamps Set is not only intended for your nips. You can also use this kit for your love bud. You'd be surprised by how it would feel when you snag one of the clamps on your most sensitive spot!

This lovely set features a built-in motor in each clamp. This machine is responsible for sending chills up your spine as it transmits a mild buzz onto your intimate areas. Not only will this current make your nubbins and clit erect, but it will also make those parts highly responsive to touch.

The vibrating clamps set is made from ABS, which means these devices are built to last. They are also waterproof. You don't have to put your safety at risk whenever you want to electrify your sex acts. That is because it only gives enough electrodes that can arouse you - not burn you.

Our Pink Vibrating Electro Nipple Clamps Set is the perfect tool to power up your sex life. Grab this set and experience an electrifying sex act that you will never forget!

Color Pink
Material ABS
Type Electro Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)


Remote Control: 3.66 in.
Nipple Clamps: 2.10 in.


Remote Control: 1.30 in.
Nipple Clamps: 0.71 in.
Weight: N/A