Petal Style Expanding Butt Plug 3.35 Inches Long

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Butt plugs are easily the number one choice for pleasuring your anus. If you made the decision to work on your butthole, you'd be bombarded with thousands of options for your new anal sex toy. What you're going to get depends on what you want to achieve.

Do you want something just to fill you up? Something that will penetrate you repeatedly? Do you need a pulsating sensation? Perhaps you want something that can dilate your anus in preparation for bigger things. Until you grab one of our Petal Style Expanding Butt Plug 3.35 Inches Long, anal dilating would be a thing of the past.

As intimidating as it may seem, quality and build are the things you should not worry about. This plug is made from high-quality and medical-grade silicone, which is the right kind of material to insert in your body. Our plug is body-safe as it is phthalate-free and non-toxic.

Furthermore, the plug is smooth and void of any nicks and rough edges. Having those in a plug could make the toy uncomfortable to use and could irritate and injure the walls of your anal canal. This variant also gives you a choice to go all black or white, depending on your mood and personality.

Don't underestimate the capabilities of an expanding butt plug. It may look as plain as Jane, but it can either enhance your pleasures or make you howling for more. What do you have to wait for? Our Petal Style Expanding Butt Plug 3.35 Inches Long is all you're going to need. Just compress, slide it in, wait for the petals to unfurl for that indescribable feeling. There's not a moment to lose! Get yourself one of these expanding plugs now!

Color Black, White
Type Expanding Butt Plug
Material Silicone


handle: N/A

plug: N/A


handle: 3.35 inches


Expanded: 2.95 inches

Not Expanded: 1.81 inches

Hole: 0.91 inches