Extra Large Tricolor Butt Plug
Extra Large Tricolor Butt Plug
Extra Large Tricolor Butt Plug
Extra Large Tricolor Butt Plug

Anxiety and stress have not been kind to you. Relax, take a breather, get a massage! And if there's a kind of massage that you should indulge in, that should be ass massage.

Enjoy the fullness our Extra Large Tricolor Butt Plug offers. Undoubtedly, its remarkable size and realistic feel will blow you away.

Perfect for any anal enthusiast who longs for ass-expanding sensation, this butt plug is 2.56 inches at its widest point and more than 5 inches in length.

You should not be intimidated at all because it is made of soft material, TPE. Yet, although it is soft, it has the right firmness to massage the walls of your rear hole.

You might liken its shape to a cock because its head resembles a penis glans. The thick body increases in girth as it goes up into the anal canal. And no matter how wild your partner pushes it inside you, there's no way for it to slip and make unwanted travel deeper, where retrieval is impossible. Thanks to its flared base.

At the bottom of the base is a suction cup that allows you to enjoy anal play even when your partner is away. Any smooth, hard surface like a wooden coffee table becomes a spot for your naughty booty fun!

Lots of lube will make the entry satisfyingly delicious. Go with water-based lubricant as it will not damage TPE. Make sure to clean and dry this toy to ensure it's fresh and hygienic for every use.

Use warm water and anti-bacterial soap to cleanse it right after the deed to eliminate all the residue from your rectum. Covering your butt plug with a condom before getting it in your hole will make cleanup easy.

Feed your hungry ass, and you'll feel relaxed. And to give the pampering your booty needs, you've got to fill it up with our Extra Large Tricolor Butt Plug. Buy now!

Color/Type Purple, Flesh, Black
Material TPE
Dimension Length: 5.83 inches
Width/Diameter: Head:1.97 inches, Widest point: 2.56 inches, Base: 2.75 inches


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Extra Large Tricolor Butt Plug

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