Pink Crystal Glass Plug 3 Piece Set
Pink Crystal Glass Plug 3 Piece Set
Pink Crystal Glass Plug 3 Piece Set
Pink Crystal Glass Plug 3 Piece Set
Pink Crystal Glass Plug 3 Piece Set
Pink Crystal Glass Plug 3 Piece Set

How do you like to be fucked? Are you the one who prefers smooth and deep? Or do you want the curvy and rough thrusts? Or lastly, do you want the short but wide blasts?

Say no more! You don't have to choose if you want them all! With the Pink Crystal Glass Plug 3 Piece Set, you have the freedom to select which sensation you're going to get, or take them all and be slutty as hell!

This collection of butt and pussy plugs offers three designs that will satisfy your hunger for different sensations. The first in line has a tapered tip that widens as it goes to the base. The second one has a mushroom-like apex, which will, without any hesitation, abruptly dilate your hole. And lastly, the third one mimics an erected penis' shape, which has a curved shaft and a glans-like head at its end. All come in lovely pink color and use high-quality, heat-resistant, and safe-to-use glass as the base material.

How do you use these toys? Well, they are all plug-and-play. But you can ease and spice up your play, too. You can add a few drops of water-based lube onto the toys to smoothen the insertion. You can also heat or cool the glasses before inserting them into your holes to feel a more sensational touch to your organs or even numb your muscles to extend ejaculation. But on top of these tips, always make sure to clean the toys before and after each use. Trust us—following proper hygiene will keep the bacteria and diseases away.

So, if you're the boring one who wants the same routine every fucking day, then carefully choose the one toy that will accompany you in your loneliness forever. But if you believe that "the more, the merrier", and that you're the type of person who cannot settle for just one, then get the complete set to satisfy your urge and save more! Choose now and add it to your cart!


Color/Type Pink
Material Glass
Dimension Length:
1: 8.5 cm (3.35 in.)
2: 10.7 cm (4.1 in.)
3:13.2cm (5.2 in.)
1: 4.2 cm (1.65 in.)
2: 3.4 cm (1.34 in.)
3: 4.8 cm (1.88 in.) -finger loop


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Pink Crystal Glass Plug 3 Piece Set

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