Creamy White Sub Collar With Leash
Creamy White Sub Collar With Leash
Creamy White Sub Collar With Leash
Creamy White Sub Collar With Leash

White signifies purity. That’s why brides wear white gowns to symbolize their “purity.” However, not all white things mean pure. Take this Creamy White Sub Collar With Leash as an example. The color of this collar may look virginal, but its use will make you and your sub get down and dirty.

This oh-so erotic neck gear features a leather strap with a cushiony pad inside. This leather band is fully adjustable as it has punctures on one side and a belt buckle on the other. Just loop the tongue part of the clasp into one of the holes to secure it in place.

Meanwhile, the cushion provides comfort for the wearer. That way, your sub can wear it all day with ease.

But wait; there’s more! Attached to this kinky accessory is a leash, and this is where the real fun begins. Use this leash to drag your sub wherever you go. And if she’s naughty, you can tie her up to the bed or smack her voluptuous ass using it. For added thrills, you can put a blindfold on her or gag her. Do whatever it takes to tease and please her! Trust us, you and your sub will get lost in kinky ecstasy.

But before you try any of these kinky encounters with your submissive partner, you have to set some rules first. You need to find out if she’s into it or not, and if she does, you have to discuss the safewords you are about to use. Remember, this type of play isn’t just about meeting your pleasure but hers, too.

As for the cleaning process, you have to wipe down its surface with a wet cloth, followed by a dry one. Keep it away from other accessories and toys to preserve its good condition.

Give white a new meaning with this Creamy White Sub Collar With Leash. Grab yours now!

Color/Type White
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length:
Collar – 22.4 inches (57 cm)
Leash – 30.71 inches (78 cm)
Width/Diameter: 2.36 inches (6 cm)


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Creamy White Sub Collar With Leash

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