Inflatable Penis Plug | Black Inflatable Silicone Penis Plug

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Take the pleasure of urethral play to a whole new level with our Black Inflatable Silicone Penis Plug! This inflatable sex toy can test your dick's limits as the rod expands inside you.

Our Black Inflatable Silicone Penis Plug may look plain because of its long and flexible shaft, but it is definitely not for novice urethral players and the weakhearted.

Starting with its length, this inflatable cock plug can reach up to 9.84 inches! This range can go beyond the base of your manhood, giving you deep urethral stimulation. Hence, it enables you to feel every hand stroke during masturbation or kiss trail whenever your lover gives you a blowjob, leading to a stronger erection.

The flexible shaft can expand up to 0.98 inches! This stretch can bring you over your sexual edge, as it can reawaken your sensuality, making you cum more.

This penis plug features an inflation bulb. As the name suggests, this oval-shaped ball is responsible for expanding the dimension of the rod. It also has an air release valve that lets you turn the shaft back to its original state when you need to pull it out of your urethra.

Our remarkable penis plug is made of high-grade silicone. This material is widely used for creating sex plugs because of its durability and flexibility. Thus, the toy can bend ergonomically into your body. The best part? This flirtatious toy is easy to clean! Just wash the inflatable penis plug into a bowl of warm water and mild soap before and after using it for safety purposes.

Take your urethral play to new heights and experience new waves of erotic pleasure! Buy our Black Inflatable Silicone Penis Plug and have your most cum-exploding masturbation or oral sex that you will never forget!

Color Black
Material Silicone
Type Inflatable Penis Plug
Dimension (inches)
Length: 13.58 in.
Width: 0.28 in.