Shame Play Orange Rubber Hood
Shame Play Orange Rubber Hood
Shame Play Orange Rubber Hood
Shame Play Orange Rubber Hood

Shame Play Orange Rubber Hood

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Color plays a significant role in humiliation play. Black is the ultimate color of bondage sex, so there’s no way you can effectively humiliate your Sub when she’s wearing something that turns you on. Red is the universal shade of sex, so disgracing her won’t work if she’s clad in such seductive-colored clothing. So what will work, then? Pink—it’s still very sexy. Purple? It’s actually classy. Thinking about this simple predicament can get so frustrating because you don’t know any color that’s funny enough on its own. Or so you thought.

Dress your Sub in orange! Yeah, you forgot about that, didn’t you? The color is so bad that you unconsciously erased it from your memory. Well, if you’re going for humiliation play, nothing is more unflattering than seeing your Sub wearing the Shame Play Orange Rubber Hood!

Degrading your Sub is easy if you don’t find her attractive. And this hood does an excellent job in making sure that as long as your slave is wearing it, she will remain ugly. The flexible rubber mask has holes for your partner’s eyes, mouth, and nostrils, so she will not pass out in the middle of your session. Roasting her will come naturally when she’s slumped in front of you, carrying that look of shame on her eyes. Making her feel bad is the easiest thing to do!

As it is rubber, it can be quite tricky to wear because it is tight-fitting. To put this mask on her head easily, you can sprinkle a small amount of talc on the insides of the hood. If you are not a fan of the dusty white powder, you may opt to apply a silicone-based lube instead. Doing so will avoid too much friction that can irritate your Sub’s skin as you wear it on her or when you remove it after you finish your session.

Never run out of mean and nasty things to say during your diss session. Purchase the Shame Play Orange Rubber Hood today!


Color Orange
Material Rubber
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A