Pure White Punishment Harness Gag
Pure White Punishment Harness Gag
Pure White Punishment Harness Gag
Pure White Punishment Harness Gag

You’re really in the moment, but your Sub just won’t shut up. Usually, you like it when she moans, but today is different. You find her dirty talks distracting when all you want is to rock the night away. Ah, if only there’s a way to shut her filthy mouth without making you look like a party pooper.

Fret not! Because now, there’s a sexy way to keep your Sub hushed without taking away the element of fun. The Pure White Punishment Harness Gag promises to help you regain your focus by warding off your partner’s senseless noise. This all-white device looks immaculate, definitely a breath of fresh air in a realm dominated by black leather. The straps are joined from three points, forming a triangle on your Sub’s face, making it more secure. All the harnesses are fully adjustable so that you can wrap them around her head for a good fit. Because the ball gag makes use of soft silicone, you can rest assured that it will not put so much strain on her jaws and won’t hurt her inner cheeks. Her teeth will also be safe from any damage if things got intense and she accidentally bites the ball. After all, you still want the best for her no matter how much her mouth annoys you, don’t you?

Even if you are making your Sub wear a gag for punishment, you still have to go easy on things because BDSM is not about torture and pain. For this reason, you have to set up a safe signal to gauge how far you both can go. Before you head out and place a muzzle on her mouth, check first if she does not have colds, a stuffed nose, or an upset stomach. If things do not check out, maybe it’s best to save the gag for another day. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Get the Pure White Punishment Harness Gag and buy yourself some fun and serenity.

Color White
Material PU Leather, Silicone
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Ball Gag: 1.89 inches (48mm)


Pure White Punishment Harness Gag

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