Pigging Out Black Rubber Mask

Pigging Out Black Rubber Mask

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Is there a better way to celebrate women's empowerment than to straighten your partner's crooked beliefs? And if he doesn't believe that men and women are equal, then maybe you can show him that in your kinky union, it's you who has the upper hand. You're in luck because there's a perfect accessory that embodies the chauvinist pig that he is.

The Pigging Out Black Rubber Mask will teach your Sub a lesson about modesty. As your Sub cannot contain his arrogance, donning on a swine hood is the best way to humble his pompous ass. This mask is a no-nonsense punishment for misbehavior, and you very well know that he deserves to wear it.

This mask has a pig's face, and as horrible as it may sound, it's only reserved for people with such cocky demeanor—like your Sub. It even has a protruding snout and looks believable enough for your ideal animal play. There are holes for his nostrils because, yes, that pig still has to breathe. There are also opening for his eyes so he can see all the nasty ways you plan to punish him. Of course, there's only one way to restrain him from any movement: Hogtie! Get ready because someone's going to squeal in regret!

The rubber mask is tight-fitting, and you don't want to deal with all the hassle and difficulties in trying to place it on his head. After all, the hard part should come after you put it on him, right? So, to avoid awkward scenes in your humiliation session, you can sprinkle some talc on the insides of the hood. If you're allergic to talc, silicone-based lubes are a nice alternative. Proper lubrication will yield a good outcome, and that's what makes a BDSM session a successful one.

Make your conceited Sub oink for hours. Go ahead and purchase the Pigging Out Black Rubber Mask today!


Color Black
Material Rubber
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference/Thickness: N/A