Non-Stop Drool Trainer Gag
Non-Stop Drool Trainer Gag
Non-Stop Drool Trainer Gag
Non-Stop Drool Trainer Gag
Non-Stop Drool Trainer Gag

You're not a full-fledged Dom if you don't have the right tools to punish your submissive. What's the point of cuffing her hands and pinching her nips when you don't even have a gag to muffle her screams? Include the Non-Stop Drool Trainer Gag in your tool kit so you can play your role with confidence and make your submissive partner happily stifled.

Put the ball into her mouth behind her teeth to reduce the pleasure noise she makes. With the ball in her mouth, she won't be able to utter any word clearly. And in every attempt to talk, scream, or moan, she will drool uncontrollably. Isn't that the look that turns you on big time? The ball gag has holes to allow your sub to breathe through it. As such, it's ideal to use with a newbie.

Surely you'll agree that looks indeed matter. The yellow ball and the red strap make a striking contrast. The strap is accentuated with stainless steel metal parts, so everything looks as stylish as you like.

It's a gag tool that you can trust because it's designed for durability. A small strap goes through the ball to hold it in place, and metal rings link it to the main band. The tool comes with a metal buckle closure to secure it and keep the gag in position.

All materials used are high in quality. The strap uses vegan-friendly leather, and the metal bits and buckle are non-tarnishing and corrosion-resistant.

Enjoy the experience without any hassle, so make sure to keep your bondage play safe and consensual. Have a safe action to let you know that you have stepped out of the boundaries. Be creative when assigning the gesture because a gagged partner can't say a word. Keep also in mind never to fill your partner's mouth with a gag if she has a cold or an upset stomach.

You'll surely don't want to miss this. Buy now!

Color Yellow (Ball Gag)
Red (Strap)
Material PU Leather, Plastic
Dimension Length: Adjustable Strap
Width/Diameter: NA


Non-Stop Drool Trainer Gag

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