No Frills Black Velcro Restraints
No Frills Black Velcro Restraints
No Frills Black Velcro Restraints
No Frills Black Velcro Restraints
No Frills Black Velcro Restraints
Your demand is simple—you want your partner's obedience and submission, especially during sex. You don't care about nonsense embellishments. All you care about is putting her in her place and making her look and feel helpless. If you're looking for an ordinary tool that will keep your partner's hands still, then you better get this No Frills Black Velcro Restraints.

Who would've thought that these black nylon straps can make your sex life feel more vivid and vibrant? Does your partner like it a lot whenever you hold her wrists tightly together while you act like you're violating her? Does she also like it when you grip her ankles firmly as you spread her legs and drill her pussy relentlessly? Undeniably, you're enjoying it too. These signs only mean that you and your partner enjoy bondage. But, if bondage has become a regular part of your routine, then perhaps it's time to get the proper tools to make the experience more thrilling. And because you're only familiarizing yourselves with the practice, this pair of No Frills Black Velcro Restraints is perfect for you.

This set of restraints features two black nylon straps that you can easily lock and unlock using Velcro adhesives. They are highly adjustable, giving you more room to play around with the tension and pressure on the wrists or ankles. Using these pair of cuffs, you can keep your partner's wrists or ankles closely together as you enjoy the pleasure of her compliance.

Nylon is a lightweight and durable material, making it perfect for beginners or advanced users. Its straightforward design allows you to quickly free your slave whenever he or she utters your safe word.

These restraints are available as either handcuffs or ankle cuffs. You can get your desired pair, or better yet, get them both. Add it to your cart now!


Color Black
Material Nylon
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: Adjustable


No Frills Black Velcro Restraints

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