Loser Perfect Leather Fetish Mask
Loser Perfect Leather Fetish Mask
Loser Perfect Leather Fetish Mask

oser Perfect Leather Fetish Mask
Whether it's smooth or a bit rough, you love the feel just the same. Leather can be hard or soft, black or white, shiny or not. You have a fetish for leather; no wonder you like donning yourself with it.

When leather cuffs and collars are not enough, put on the Loser Perfect Leather Fetish Mask. Not only will it complete the ensemble, but it will also humiliate you further. Yes, your fetish is leather, but you also take delight in getting humiliated and deprived by your Mistress. So go ahead and put this mask on to let her know that you are dedicated and loyal.

You don't mind being a loser as long as it makes your Mistress high and mighty. But one thing is for sure—you'll be a badass slave once you put this mask on. It's designed to look like a skull with cutouts intended for your nose and eyes. Don't worry about its size because, with its adjustable straps, the mask will fit snugly around your head. These straps come with belt-type buckles, and when fastened, this mask will stay in place no matter what. The metal rivets add style to it, but these metal pieces are more than just aesthetics as they secure attachment points for durability.

It's synthetic leather, but it's as durable and as good as genuine leather. As good but not as expensive, and it only requires minimal effort for its maintenance. And if you're vegan, then trust that no animal has ever been harmed. To clean it, you need a clean cloth. Dampen it with a mixture of warm water and soap; then, rub it on the mask surface. Once it's dry, apply a few drops of baby oil to make it look new. It's that simple.

Please your Mistress soon. Hurry and grab yours now!

Color Black
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length:
Head Strap - 12-99-14.96 inches (33-38 cm)
Around Head - 22.05-25.59 inches (56-65 cm)
Around Neck - 18.50-22.05 inches (47-56 cm)


Loser Perfect Leather Fetish Mask

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