It's Time to Play Fuzzy Handcuffs
It's Time to Play Fuzzy Handcuffs
It's Time to Play Fuzzy Handcuffs
It's Time to Play Fuzzy Handcuffs

Your pet has been very naughty, and she needs a little discipline. Limit your pet's movement and give her a punishment you enjoy doing. Impose your dominance and confine her wrists using these It's Time to Play Fuzzy Handcuffs.

Having a different persona other than the role you play in your day-to-day life is like an escape from your mundane and plain world. A lady boss may seem fierce during the day, but she loves to play the role of an obedient and cuddly pet at night. And if pet play is right up your alley, then a pair of comfy restraints is in order.

These It's Time to Play Fuzzy Handcuffs have a similar look and design to the cuffs that a cop would use to subdue a delinquent criminal. But unlike those rigid cuffs, these are delicate and fuzzy, so they'll grip your pet's wrists with pressure and softness. Keep her tame and obedient by locking these handcuffs. Wear the key around your neck to tease her more. And what better way to discipline your misbehaving pet but to cuff her and give her some spanking. Using this pair of furry handcuffs will also match your partner's fake animal ears or tail plug.

Bondage and roleplay can indeed change your sex life for the better, but it is only effective if you do it properly. Always maintain proper precautions by obtaining your sub's consent before getting started. You can also talk about your expectations. That way, you both are aware of the boundaries and limitations. Moreover, it's better to establish a safe word to imply that your play is getting too intense for your partner.

These fuzzy handcuffs are available in four colors. These colors are black, purple, red, and leopard print. Take your pick and add it to your cart now!

Color Red, Black, Purple, Leopard
Material Polyeter
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

It's Time to Play Fuzzy Handcuffs

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