Heavy Duty Stainless Slave Shackle
Heavy Duty Stainless Slave Shackle
Heavy Duty Stainless Slave Shackle
Heavy Duty Stainless Slave Shackle

Heavy Duty Stainless Slave Shackle

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Size Small
If your level of kink gets more and more unquenchable with each day, you have two options. Check in to rehab, or get your lover to handcuff you and let him taste your body like it’s his last meal on Earth. Of course, you’d pick the latter. For times like this, you need a reliable restraint to ensure you don’t have any choice but to surrender yourself and let ecstasy consume your whole being. It’s not like you want to fight off this very tempting offer, but in BDSM, your weapon of choice will determine your fate. Therefore, it’s a wise decision to get the best pair of cuffs to help you be well-behaved—and that’s the Heavy Duty Stainless Slave Shackle.

These handcuffs will give you an idea of how it feels like to be in maximum security. If you’re bored of the smell of leather, and you want to try something more hardcore, then you’ve got to go full metal. This stainless steel shackle means serious business. As the rings aren’t adjustable, you have no other choice but to stay still and drown in your delirious desires.

The thick chains connecting the cuffs are also of top-notch quality, so you can be sure that you are getting bang for your buck. Fasten the pieces together with a trusty padlock, and you’re all set!

You can pair this with a spreader bar or cap the whole ensemble with a spider gag and a blindfold. Either way, you’re bound to enjoy what’s in store for your adventurous pussy!

So what's keeping you in getting this tool? Bring out the riding crop and have your safe words ready because it’s going to get wild and dirty! Click that button now, and we’ll handle the rest. Get the Heavy Duty Stainless Slave Shackle today!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Small: 2.16 inches 5.5 cm
Medium: 2.75 inches (7cm)
Large: 3.15 inches (8cm)
Extra-Large: 3.62 inches (9.2 cm)
Small: 1.77 inches 4.5 cm
Medium: 1.9 inches (5cm)
Large: 2.48 inches (6.3cm)
Extra-Large: 2.87 inches (7.3 cm)