Dungeon Torture Darby Handcuffs
Dungeon Torture Darby Handcuffs
Dungeon Torture Darby Handcuffs
Dungeon Torture Darby Handcuffs

Dungeon Torture Darby Handcuffs

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You have always wanted to give your partner something EXTRA. She treats you right, and you have always wanted to venture out from your vanilla sex. She is a bit conservative, and you don't want to scare her. But, you know she loves a little hanky panky, and you have an idea about what to do.

Well, you have to introduce her to the Dungeon Torture Darby Handcuffs! You may feel intimidated at first, but that is the beauty of this accessory. It's a bit risky, and that is where you will find your allure. This pretty simple-looking cuff will let you enjoy a different kind of sensation you have never felt before.

This cuff is beautiful stainless steel decorated with an intertwined chain. Stainless steel is an excellent medium for these locks because it is durable and skin-friendly. Moreover, you will receive one solid cuff with a unique kind of device. It includes a sturdy chain that connects the two locks. This pair of cuffs includes adjustable fasteners that will allow you to find the most comfortable grip for your play.

Make sure that before starting on any bondage games, you talk about safety and align your expectations. This kind of kinky game is a bit rough, so talk about what you plan to do. Doing so will make sure you both know what to anticipate and at the same time promote good communication with your significant other. Assign your safe word, and you are good to go.

With these cuffs on, you will be able to explore new sex positions with your partner. Sexy time will be more fun and a bit exciting, too, so make sure you are ready for that! Explore different sexual positions where you tie her hand together or to a piece of furniture. Doing this will let you enjoy different kinds of sex plays with unique yet pleasurable conditions.

After each session, make sure you clean the cuff with a disinfectant. Store it in a separate container, away from sunlight and dust.

Don't let go of this chance! With these restraints, you can give your partner a little spicy bedtime experience. Add this to your purchase today!


Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A