Dual Tone Full Head Latex Masks

Dual Tone Full Head Latex Masks

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Do you love latex but staring at your partner’s jet-black face while she wears a rubber mask creeps you out? If it’s a major cock block, and it keeps you out of focus on your bondage sessions, then it’s a serious issue. Good thing there’s a solution to your persisting problem: the Dual Tone Full Head Latex Masks.

This product gives your Sub the same latex experience without the terrifying burlap face. The area covering your Sub’s face is beige and is as light as the natural color of her skin. There are holes for her eyes, nostrils, and mouth, so her charm still emanates even when wearing the hood. The hue of the latex then switches to black from the top of her head to the back and around her nape and neck. You can’t help but marvel at your Sub’s beauty even at your kinkiest time of day. Engage in a steamy session of sensory deprivation and a bit of breath play with this raunchy mask, and you’ll definitely enjoy it! See, this tool is the perfect example that you don’t have to make your Sub look ugly to have a thrilling BDSM session—well, of course, unless you’re going for degradation play.

It will make things easier if you dust a small amount of talc on the insides of the hood before you put it over your Sub’s head. You need some lubrication when dealing with latex because this material is tight-fitting. If you do not have talc powder with you, you can also use silicone-based lube so the hood will glide smoother as you make your Sub wear it.

You can clean this item with warm water. Skip the soap and bleach because it will corrode the rubber material of the hood. Do not tumble dry nor expose it under the harsh rays of the sun.

Purchase the Dual Tone Full Head Latex Masks today because your Sub always deserves to look pretty.


Color Black
Material Latex
Dimension Head Circumference:
XS: 19.69-20.47 inches
S: 20.47-20.87 inches
M: 21.26-21.65 inches
L: 21.65-22.44 inches
XL: 22.44-22.83 inches
XXL: 22.83-23.23 inches
Neck Circumference:
XS: 12.91 inches
S: 13.23 inches
M: 13.54 inches
L: 13.86 inches
XL: 14.17 inches
XXL: 14.49 inches