Domme in Training Catwoman Mask

Domme in Training Catwoman Mask

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Sure, it’s good to walk the talk, especially when it comes to sex. Undelivered promises will leave your partner high and dry, and you don’t want that. So when you said that he’s in for a rough ride, you better give him that. But, to make sure that you’ll stay true to your words, you also have to dress the part.

If you want to show your partner who the boss is, you can’t show up in your bedroom wearing the same attire you usually wear during your vanilla sessions. Instead, you have to look extra sultry, drop-dead-gorgeous and dressed to kill. So now’s the best time to bring out that tight catsuit you’ve been hiding in your closet and put it to good use. Once you’re all set, wear the Domme in Training Catwoman Mask over your head to complete your vibe.

This black synthetic leather mask is a beauty. This may be the only accessory that you will use to cover your face, making you look twice as hot as you already are. If you want to bring the A-game effortlessly, then wearing this headpiece is the way to do it. You can tell that this item is well-crafted just by looking at how the material is smoothly trimmed. All parts are fastened using metal rivet studs, making it appear edgier. Silver spikes adorn the surface of the mask, exuding that rebellious aura you are totally going for. An adjustable band runs across the back of your head, providing a snug fit, so you can be sure that your mysterious game face stays on, no matter how rough you play.

Never worry about giving empty promises again. Instead, purchase the Domme in Training Catwoman Mask, and watch your lover go crazy for you all night long. What are you waiting for? Get it before it’s gone!


Color Black
Material Synthetic Leather and Metal
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference/Thickness: N/A